Cooking Tips

Ranched Elk is available in a wide variety of familiar cuts including: steaks, roasts, loins, ground, stew
meat and sausages.

Ranched Elk is lean dark red meat with no marbling, it should be cooked either quickly on high heat or
slow and low. Ranched Elk is best cooked to the medium stage.

Ranched Elk is ideal for barbecuing because it is so lean. Sear meat quickly on high heat to seseal, then finish as desired.

Ranched Elk should not be cooked past the medium rare stage. If you like your steaks rare or medium
rare, cook them exactly as you would a good beef steak.

Thick steaks benefit from being left to rest for a few minutes to ensure the pinkness is evenly spread. If
you do not like your steaks pink, cook just past the medium rare stage and remove to warm oven and
allow to rest for 5-15 minutes. The pinkness will disappear but the steaks will remain moist and tender.

Ranched Elk is tender and flavorful when roasted. Simply brown the meat all over to seal, add a little
liquid, and roast to an internal temperature of 150-160F for desired doneness. Let roast rest 10 minutes before carving.

Do not use Mazola oil as it does not enhance ranched elk, try to use a good quality olive or other
vegetable oil when cooking ranched elk.

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