AEC has decided that when while we are having our 2021 AEC Convention, we will also host the Elk Expo as an International Elk Expo for hard antler and invite Producers from across Canada and the United States.

It is important that any Producer bringing their hard antler  take pictures of their bulls as it is necessary for registration purposes. Pre-registration is necessary for both the Convention & the Elk Expo as usual through the office. By combining both  Convention & Elk Expo we hope that more Producers will be able to attend & have more to be involved in & enjoy, especially for those that have to travel a considerable amount of distance.


Hello Everyone. Hope your enjoying your summer so far!

We are needing some input on the AEC 2021 Convention. I realize it seems like it’s a long time until March 2021, however we need to book the venue for our date of March 5 and 6, 2021.


If you could please take a few minutes and answer a couple questions in the box below, it would be greatly appreciated. Your input is needed to make this year another great success!

1 Would you like the convention to be at West Edmonton Mall again or should we move it back to a venue in Leduc?

Leduc is close to the new outlet shopping at the airport and we would try our best to book a venue with a pool for the kids.

2 Any suggestions on speakers or topics? If we get some great ideas now we can source the appropriate person.

3 What are your thoughts on a silent auction?

4 What are your thoughts on a live auction?

Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you!

- AEC Marketing commitee


The Board of Directors of the Alberta Elk Commission has established a sub committee to pursue the

possibility of the legalizing Cervid Harvesting Preserves (CHPs) in Alberta.

Allowing for the legalization of CHPs will enable our industries to retain revenues that are currently

exported to neighbouring Provinces and States, create long term sustainability for existing producers,

enable transition to future generations and attract new investment to our industry and Province.

If you are an existing producer, an investor or are a new entrant, who would consider joining the

Cervid industry should CHPs be legalized, please download the support letter below and return it to For those producers that only have the ability to fax, this may be sent to the

office at 780-980-7591 and it will be scanned and forwarded for you. This letter can also be copied

onto your own letterhead should you wish to do so.

We will collect the letters and submit a package to the Minister. Please do not submit your letter

individually to the Minister. Consistency of messaging and having a clear focal point for

communication with Government of Alberta is very important, if we are to be successful with this


Questions or feedback about this process, can be directed to our sub-committee members; Mike

McRee; (403) 318-3426, Kyle Stephenson: (403) 357-8205 or John Cameron (403) 998-7907.

You can download our a copy of our support letter below: 

                     Indication of Interest and Support: Developing Cervid Harvesting Preserves in Alberta

Tel: 1-780-980-7582

Fax:  1-780-980-7591

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